Commercial Film

Film Installation for Offices

Whether you are providing a security or privacy film to your office or if you are tinting the windows to a sunny part of your home we offer all types of material installation.

Our materials are priced according to the type of effect you are looking to achieve.

Storefronts and Interior Graphics

When looking to improve your office look Decorative Window Film can be the solution you are looking for. From frosting your glass space to all types of decorative designs, Light and Bright Window Tinting is ready to help you to spruce up your office or house.

Design and Install

We specialize in solar window tinting, anti-graffiti protection, safety and security window tinting installations. We work directly with our clients, as well as subcontractors for third parties. All of our commercial window film installers are professionally trained to follow the proper window tinting installation procedures.

Serving customers in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell.